Insights from conversations

Turn conversations into gold

• Automatic documentation
• Next Level Speech analytics
• New Datasource – New Insights

Phone Calls
In-Person Meetings
Online Meetings
Suitable for all industries
Finance • Insurance • Retail • Hospitality • Healthcare • HR

Get an overview of all your meetings

Highlighted keywords, topics and summaries turned in to actions

Avoid spending time on documentation and note-taking.
Easily mark up important events and conclusions directly in the platform
Get a quick overview of insights and entities from all your meetings
A smooth and efficient meeting experience

Focus on what is important
Eliminate note taking and put all your focus into having more efficient and productive meetings. 

The meeting will be documented and you can share the entire meeting or key takeaway, actions and summaries with others. All meetings are easy accessible, searchable and no more wondering what has been said by who.

Understand the essence of meetings
Voxo will automatically identify keywords and entities. You can mark and add to do’s and conclusions directly in Voxo. View entire meetings or the summarized information of each meeting.

Create a foundation for efficiency

Improve your customers satisfaction
In order to provide the best customer experience possible in client interactions, identifying positive and negative trends from your customers can be invaluable.

Our system provides you with trends in customer satisfaction and enables you to rapidly address the most frequent negative issues and proactively reduce these in the future. Team members can also get a fast overview of what has been said in prevoius dialouges with a client and get insights on how to solve new issues.
Truly understand your customers

Make your business decisions on real data - not assumptions. Our solutions provides real time insights about what is said in all conversations. Our platform lets you drill down in your data in three layers, providing you with granular details of your customers trends and see customer satisfaction.

Get a better understanding of your customers and your organisation’s behaviours by identifying trends, mapping the customer journey, monitoring the quality and understanding positive and negative sentiments in all calls.

Words from our clients

People Operations

"–We have several people involved in each recruitment, with Voxo we minimize data transfer loss and become more efficient in all segments of projects."


”We could see all of the questions in text, and we could see the sentiment score of all the calls – we can see everything. So this is a great resource for our CX team to really understand the customers.”


"–With Voxo we have been able to extract information from our most successful sales calls and shared it with the team in order to clone our best sales reps."

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