Make insights easy
Get overview, summaries and and actions
- of a meeting
- of all your meetings
- highlighted topics, keywords

Truly understand your customers

In order be competitive on the market today, understanding your customers is key. Our solutions provide real time insights about what is said in all conversations and enables you to take your business decisions on real data - not assumptions.

Our platform lets you drill down in your data in three layers, providing you with granular details of your customers trends and needs.

Improve your customers satisfaction

In order to provide the best customer experience possible in client interactions, identifying positive and negative trends from your customers can be invaluable.

Our system provide you with trends in customer satisfaction and enables you to rapidly adress the most frequent negative issues and proactively reduce these in the future.

What do clients ask for?

Our platform identifies patterns in your customer dialogues not only about when the customers are calling you, but also why.

With our insights you will be able to plan staffing more efficiently, and ensure that your employees have the right knowledge to best answer your customers inquiries.

Periodic Reports

We provide periodic reports tailored for your data, making it easy to follow trends and share insights with the organisation.