Voxo brings in experienced industrial profiles - buys stocks for 9 million SEK

New investors in Voxo is Pär Pettersson, who, among other things, has been involved in starting Moderna Försäkringar and Svedea , Beijer Ventures and Malmkroppen AB, a fully owned subsidiary within Vitec Software Group AB. NFT Ventures, which already owns the Voxo also continues to invest and show continous trust for Voxo.

Altogether, the new investors buy shares for approximately 9 million. The proceeds will be used to expand the activities of the Nordic and evaluate the North American and European market. Pär Petterson takes over as chairman's in the company.

- " We are very happy to get more experienced profiles as active owners with a strong focus on supporting the company in the upcoming expansion. For several years we have focused on creating a scalable product and are we're now entering a phase where we will accelerate our journey. Getting Pär Pettersson in as chairman feels very inspiring as he has the experience of building companies  and knows what it takes to succeed. - Johan Wadenholt, VD