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Intelligent financial advisory

Financial advisors today spend up to half their time on documentation and documentation retrieval.


While increasingly strict regulatory requirements demands more detailed documentation, high quality documentation is also the key to better client insight and a great customer experience.

Voxo summarise and analyse your advisory meetings and other voice-based client conversations automatically in order to let advisors focus on advisory and understand their clients

Free advisors from manual documentation

Understand trends and needs 

of clients

Improve meeting detail recall, 

decrease documentation errors

Our partners
Document by voice

Voxo Minutes let advisors summarise their meetings simply by speaking, transcribing speech to text in real-time. 

Meta tags for each meeting such as products and topics are then extracted automatically, enabling rapid meeting overviewing and search. 

Auto-summarised meetings

No more note-taking; let Voxo summarise your meetings.


Voxo Advisory identifies meeting segments and key meeting events and maps these to an interactive audio-to-transcript timeline. 


To recall critical meeting details, just go back to any segment or event with just one click.

Conversation analytics

Advisors and banks have limited overview on the contents of advisory meetings. By transcribing advisory meetings into text and analysing the content, Voxo extracts insight such as;


- What topics and products are mentioned?

- What are clients worried about?

- What is the outcome of meetings?


This way, Voxo enables banks and advisors to get the information needed to be proactive to changing client needs and market trends.