Voxo GO - Q&A / Support

Where can I find user documentation for Voxo GO?
You can find the user documentation here!

How do I sign up for the Beta?
In order to sign up for the Voxo GO closed beta, visit http://voxo-6245433.hs-sites.com/signup

I have gotten an email from Testflight, but I dont see any app?
In the email from Testflight, you have a step-by-step instruction to install the Voxo GO Beta app. In the end of the list you have the redeem code that you need to inter in the Testflight app to get access to the application.

I have installed the app, but where do I connect to Zoom?
You find the option to link your Zoom account in the app under "Settings". Press the "Link Zoom Account" and follow the instructions provided.

I have found where to connect to Zoom, but It gives me an error?
There are a few reasons that the Zoom integration fails, but before you contact us please make sure you have a Zoom Pro account which is needed to record meetings with Zoom itself.

Can I connect to Zoom without a Pro account at Zoom?
Unfortunately no. The ability to record the meeting within Zoom is a prerequisite to analyse it within Voxo.

I have an issue preventing me from using the app, where can I get in contact with you for support?
Contact us at betasupport@voxo.ai for assistant and support around the Voxo GO Beta.